Naima Green’s Brief & Drenching at Fotografiska New York

Naima Green, detail from Pur·suit. Photograph by Megan Madden.

Naima Green, new Board member of The Robert Giard Foundation, currently has a solo show at Fotografiska New York.

Naima’s visionary photography conducts experiments in being. Through Pur·suit, a deck of 54 playing cards featuring portraits of over 100 queer womxn, trans, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming people photographed in 9 days, Naima reimagines Catherine Opie’s “Dyke Deck” from 1995. In Brief & Drenching, Naima moves from a traditional photography studio into the stage of her apartment. Within this space, the short film, The Intimacy of before, upsets the comfortable domestic setting with a sequence of unnerving intimate confrontations. The theme of brevity is multifold, referencing the instantaneous nature of the making of an image or a quick interaction between a group of people, and though however brief, these actions can create infinite and rippling effects, memories, and a long-lasting sense of community for her sitters.

Running until April 18, 2021, Brief & Drenching has been earning rave reviews, from NBC News to Office Magazine.  Congratulations, Naima!

For locals, buy tickets online to see Brief & Drenching in person.