Robert Giard Grant for
Emerging LGBTQ+ Photographers

The Robert Giard Grant for Emerging LGBTQ+ Photographers promotes new work by self-taught, early career or otherwise emerging LGBTQ+ artists whose projects address issues of sexuality, gender or LGBTQ+ identity. The grant is administered by Queer|Art, and awards $10,000 for the winner and $1,250 for distinguished finalists. This grant provides vital support for emerging artists, who may lack the financial resources or institutional support available to more established artists.

For information about the 2024 Robert Giard Grant for Emerging LGBTQ+ Photographers please visit Queer|Art.

The Robert Giard Foundation has awarded this grant, previously known as The Robert Giard Fellowship, between 2008 and 2022. Until 2018, the grant supported film, photography and mixed media by LGBTQ+ artists and was administered through the Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the City University of New York, and between 2019 and 2022 was administered in partnership with Queer|Art. As of 2023, the Giard Grant is administered by Queer|Art.  Past recipients include photographers and filmmakers from Colombia, the Philippines, and the United States.

Photo above by Roberto Tondopó, 2019 Grant winner.

“Photography is par excellence a medium expressive of our mortality, holding up, as it does, one time for the contemplation of another time. This motif infuses all portrait photography with a special poignancy. It is my wish that tomorrow, when a viewer looks into the eyes of the subjects of these pictures, he or she will say in a spirit of wonder, ‘These people were here; like me, they lived and breathed.’ So too will the portraits respond, ‘We were here; we existed. This is how we were.’”

—Robert Giard

Giard Grant Video