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Your gift to the Robert Giard Foundation supports a unique annual award of $7500, the Giard Fellowship, the largest grant available to artists working with subject matter of sexuality, gender, and LGBT issues. The award is open to artists of any nationality, with or without academic affiliation, but with a well-thought out project in need of development and completion funds. The award may be given to artists at nearly every stage of their careers working in any of the following media: photography, video, and film. Your donation to the Giard Foundation supports work that has few other private or government funding sources covering the specific subject areas the Giard Fellowship targets. First created in 2008, the Fellowship has been awarded to four outstanding projects by artists from America and abroad.

While the foundation does not do specific civil rights advocacy, we believe the creative work we support—which brings lived experience around sexual and gender issues to images, video or filmed narrative—will enhance understanding on the vital issue of sexual rights equality.