Fellowship Recipients

Sonali Gulati


Sonali Gulati was awarded a fellowship to complete a short personal and revealing documentary film, I am, a portrait of four different families in South Asia dealing with having a gay or lesbian child. Ms. Gulati writes:

In India, the second most populated country in the world with over one billion people, the subject of homosexuality remains ignored, silenced, and even invisible ... a “homosexual relationship” is considered a criminal offence, [legally] punishable by up to ten years of imprisonment ... As a filmmaker, my personal narrative of leading a closeted life while growing up in India and my inability to come out to my mother serves as the primary structural framework to weave together stories of four individual families. With courage, determination, and humor, these families share untold stories ... As one parent says in the film, “If parents stand up and support and accept their gay children, then no one can say anything, no one.”

You can learn more about the film here.