Fellowship Recipients

Cary Cronenwett


Cary Treadwell Cronenwett received the 2009 Bay Area Guardian Goldie Award for Local Discovery after the release of his film, Maggots and Men (55min). His first short film,Phineas Slipped (2002) played extensively in the international LGBT film festival circuit. Currently, he is pursuing an MFA in the Film/Video program at CalArts in Los Angeles, but is on exchange at Universität der Künst in Berlin. He is in post-production on a documentary/ fiction hybrid set in Haiti, which is loosely based on the novel, Kathy Goes to Haiti, by Kathy Acker.

“The Giard Foundation grant is going to enable me to finish this project. It is such a huge honor to receive this grant. Specifically, the grant will enable me to hire an editor. Because this project is so emotional for me, I believe that bringing on another editor to work with on the project is absolutely essential. It is impossible for me to have any emotional distance from the project. Editing so far has been really difficult and slow moving. Another editor won’t have the same relationship to the material and will be able to work more efficiently, and I feel like it’s time to get this thing done.”

“I am continuing to revise the narration for Go with Flo and at the same time, solidifying the narrative structure. The piece is still very rough. I plan to begin working with an editor on the project in the very new future.”

“Born and raised in Oklahoma, I have spent my adult life on the west coast. I came to filmmaking with a background in organizing both as a political activist and as a musician involved in a DIY/punk scene, and I bring a similar ethos onto the set to create a collaborative, process based approach to film making. As a queer, transgender filmmaker, I am interested in pushing boundaries, creating cultural spaces, and I see my art practice as a counterpart to activism for social change.”

-Cary Cronenwett

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